Statement Piece

Statement Piece

Statement pieces will be made in a lomey dish or foam cage. The statement piece can be set in front an arch or on top of a column, table, etc. It has a hard base so it can be put anywhere on a flat surface. If the statement piece is made in a foam cage it can be attached onto any type of strcutre with zip ties. Size and shape depends on what you'd like. We will discuss more if you choose to add this to your cart! 

  • Pick your own Color Scheme Collection

    The Pick your own Color Scheme Collection gives you the freedom to tell us what your main colors are and we'll curate a collection specifically for you. The same ivory ribbon will be used for the bouquets and boutonnieres as well as the compotes staying the same throughout. Style and shape will be similiar to the other collections. Simplee Cone reserves the right to make substitutions to fresh product based on availability and quality.


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